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Telemarketing Services to Schools and Organisations

Marketing to schools and other organisations is often one of the biggest markets for a business in this sector and also one of it’s biggest failings as it’s becoming harder and harder as schools for example are getting ever more so protective and difficult to get through to the right person. 

A lot of businesses in this sector say it’s the single hardest task they have but also one of the most important as once they are in a meeting with a school, they know they’ll be able to have a good conversation with them and convert a lot of the meetings they have.

This is where telemarketing can really help as it’s proven as one of the best ways to get ‘into’ these organisations and get in touch with the right people to arrange a meeting.  It’s proven to work in this sector in isolation and even better as part of an overall campaign following up from other marketing methods.

Finding the right approach to telemarketing is a challenge which often leaves most organisations with a real dilemma, decisions about whether to use existing internal resources or outsource the activity, uncertainty of the amount of time required to generate a positive result and importantly what result is needed to generate a return on investment. Add to this the restrictions often placed on clients by some telemarketing companies in regards to minimum activity levels or length of contract and the result if often either a bad experience or the whole activity being shelved as unfeasible before it has even started. Here we have a completely transparent approach to all of our activity, bringing the flexibility to be able to effectively offer a solution to any size or type of business or organisation.

  • We have no minimum activity levels
  • We are happy to conduct small trials so that our clients can assess the feasibility of any proposed activity
  • Our reporting is tailored to the client’s specific needs and the frequency of reporting is determined by the client, keeping them informed every step of the way
  • We do not charge any set up fees or management fees
  • We spend the time to understand our client’s organisation and the ethos behind their business, enabling us to represent them as if we were an internal part of their organisation
  • We help our clients with advice and additional services to ensure that the telemarketing activity dovetails with their wider marketing strategies

So if you are considering an outbound telephone based activity, to generate new business opportunities, conduct market research surveys, keep in touch with existing clients or customer satisfaction contact calls for new clients, we can help. We are happy to spend time with any business or organisation considering any type of telemarketing activity, explain the processes and the possible outcomes so that they can make an informed decision on the suitability of telemarketing for their company. Our outbound services include:

B2B Telemarketing


Appointment setting        Lead generation        Market research             


Customer relationship contacts    Data cleansing   Cold Calling


Our pricing structure is based on a day rate which equates to 7 hours of outbound activity, this can be taken as a single day of activity or spread over 2 or 3 days to suits the client’s needs and target market. Our day rates start from just £200.00 per day – call us for specific pricing to meet your activity requirements. Data cleansing day rates start from just £125.00 per day

We like to consider this as an investment in the future success of your business as most organisations in this sector that market to schools know they’ll convert a lot of the meetings they have, as customers they’ll be worth a lot to them and they’ll stay with them for years so you need to invest in this form of marketing as it will lead to what marketers call a fantastic ROI or return on investment as the average life-time value (ALV) of a customer will be high as the business is worth a lot each year and it typically renews for many years. 

So, give it a go as we don’t ask for a minimum number of days, get in touch via the details below, make a small investment to see how we can help and if it’s developing leads and you are converting them, continue to invest and use it to grow in line with what capacity you’re able to manage.

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