iZettle is a fantastic device that lets you turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile card machine to take payments.
If you're out and about at sessions, paying high fees for other types of merchant services or are trusting staff to take cheques or cash or miss out on sales to cashless customers, get iZettle and start taking secure card payments wherever your business takes you.
There’s no more issues with staff losing cheques or cash, it’s easier for accounting or book-keeping and there’s no on-going fees so you just pay a very small % for what you use on it as and when you need it.
It can really help you speed up the payments process and improve your customers experience.
It can send out receipts, provides you with full sales reports and management information so you can see what’s selling well, how much people spend on average, how much customers return and trends which is really useful as part of the overall picture that managers or owners use to make good decisions about the strategy of the business.
It can be integrated with apps and you can even use it with cash drawers and receipt printers if required at events or if you have premises. It provides really simple information that you can download to excel for doing the books or your accountant so that everything is kept track of.
People paying with cards often spend more than those paying by cash or cheque too so it can increase your ability to upsell products or services.
The customer service is first class, the system is highly secure, there’s smart pricing so the more you use the less you pay and it’s really quick and easy to sign up. Click the link to find out more, look at case studies and sign up to improve your organisations finances.
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