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Be World Class coaches individuals, teams and organisations to maximise their performance, and become world class in their field. Simon Hartley, founder of Be World Class, is a globally respected sport psychology coach. For almost 20 years, he has coached elite athletes and sports teams including world champions, world record holders, top 5 ranked world athletes, Olympic medallists and championship winning teams.
He has studied the characteristics of world class performers and world class teams, to enable others to adopt these habits and develop world class thinking.
During the last 10 years, Simon has also applied these principles to business. He now coaches some of the world’s foremost executives and global corporations, including GE, Audi and Proctor & Gamble.
In addition to coaching, Be World Class host a number of thought-leadership events, such as the Be World Class Conferences and Dinner with Be World Class. You can view these events yourself at Be World Class TV. You will also find a range of webinars that help individuals and teams to maximise performance, hone focus, control confidence and master motivation. 
Simon Hartley is an international professional speaker and author. In 2013 he has delivered Keynote addresses to global events such as GE Global Leadership Conference in London, GE Global Field Services Conference in Dubai, the IE Sport Analytics Summit and Audi’s UK Annual Conference.
He published Peak Performance Every Time in 2011, a guide to help you get your mental game right and perform at your best consistently.
He also published How To Shine in 2012, which uncovers the common habits and characteristics of world class performers from a wide range of disciplines. And Two Lengths of the Pool in 2013, a simple way of simplifying, clarifying and becoming infinitely more effective.


Be World Class

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