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Do you really know what's going on in your business?! As a business owner, you face dozens of decisions every day. As you grow your business, these decisions become more complicated and have more serious ramifications.

The most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders will tell you they have made many wrong business decisions along the way, most of which could have been avoided if they had the right information at the right time.

This is why we founded Engagement Multiplier.

There’s overwhelming proof that business owners who understand what’s really going on in their businesses and invest in their people benefit from:
• Greater profitability
• Reduced staff turnover
• Higher levels of morale
• Better productivity
• Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Using our innovative digital platform, business owners are able to accurately measure employee engagement levels and find out what’s really going on every 90 days. Our platform then takes this data and automatically converts it into actionable insights, from which business owners can take immediate steps that deliver measurable results. What’s more, our program is simple to implement, isn’t labour intensive or disruptive to a business – and runs seamlessly in the background.

The challenge for small businesses is knowing where and when to invest, whilst overcoming obvious time, resource and cost constraints.

At Engagement Multiplier we help you to easily overcome these challenges and enjoy the benefits detailed above. Bold, but true, claims that can be backed up with our clients stories of transformation.

If you’d like to find out more, simply get in touch via the link below, and we’ll personally arrange a demo with Engagement Multiplier as well as allow you to be eligible for a free engagement report for your business.




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Sport and Activity Professionals is a specialist company working in the sport and activity business sector. Through its consultancy arm, it assists the sport/fitness/health/play/education sectors to add value through enabling clients to become more professional and to increase quality, revenue, efficiency and profit through practical, low cost, easy-to-implement solutions.

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