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We specialise in lead generation and recruitment for franchises, training companies and direct sales companies.  

Why are we different –

  • We use all of the major job boards within the UK, newspaper websites and hundreds of aggregator sites. We search the current statistics of each demographic within the major avenues, then place your tailor made adverts on the sites that are currently performing the best in the chosen industry sector.
  • We adopt a very different model to the conventional advertising mediums.  It’s our responsibly to generate you the applications. Instead of charging for advertising, we charge on a pay per CV/lead model meaning that all of the risk remains with us.  If you want 200 applications/leads then 200 is the number we will produce.  No more paying for an advert for a month and crossing your fingers for a response! Leave the responsibility to us to deliver.
  • Also, instead of simply receiving CVs, or basic lead information, once the candidate has read through the job/training opportunity or franchise advert, we direct them to an application form with a selection of filtering questions of your choice.  This is not possible with any of the major sites directly, it is something that we have implemented to strengthen the quality of the applicant.  We can add as many filtering questions as you wish.

Here are some example application forms:  

Fundraiser Application Form

Training Company
Security Guard Application Form

Franchise Application Form

  • The candidate information and filtering question answers will then be sent through to you on an excel spreadsheet with their CV attached, within 24 hours. 

If you are currently using Job boards and other conventional advertising routes, I am certain that you will see an increase in the quality of applicants, at a fraction of the cost with no risk.

Introductory packages:

30 guaranteed qualified applications, delivered within 30 days maximum
Price: £8 per application
Total: £240

Franchise leads:
10 guaranteed qualified leads, delivered within 30 days maximum
Price: £12 per application
Total: £120

Training course leads
10 guaranteed qualified leads, delivered within 30 days maximum
Price: £6 per application
Total: £60

Please click the logo for information and feel free to get in touch on 0800 772 0619 or email me directly at and we can discuss your individual requirements.



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Sport and Activity Professionals is a specialist company working in the sport and activity business sector. Through its consultancy arm, it assists the sport/fitness/health/play/education sectors to add value through enabling clients to become more professional and to increase quality, revenue, efficiency and profit through practical, low cost, easy-to-implement solutions.

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